OT: The Video Game is a MMORPG produced by Fagex and released in 2010. The game uses Microsoft's MSPaint Game Engine which was developed by Microsoft in 2006.


In 2001, The secret club "PEN15" was playing around with an early version of "Runescape" which at the time was a choose-your-own-adventure styled gamebook that was being developed by EA. Because the gamebook was 89,500,000,000,000 pages long, EA only managed to print one copy. The location of this book is unknown, But EA released the game as freeware online before going bankrupt.

PEN15 jumped to the oppurtunity[1] and bought Runescape and formed the gaming company Fagex who would continue to develop runescape until it was being sold a full 3D game.

By 2006 Microsoft had released The MSPaint engine along with their first MMORPG "MSPaint Online". Seeing good potential in this Fagex starting prodcution of a secret new MMORPG which would become OT:The Video Game.

In 2009 the game was still not complete. The team had become lazy, Spending more time on trolling people on runescape and posting on OT than making the game. And that's when it hit them, Instead of making a generic MMORPG, They should make a generic MMORPG based on the OT forums. Development saw a 60% increase and profits went up by 5%.

By 2010 the game was complete and was released as a subscription game, Being updated yearly depending on what was happening in the forums.

The most succesful update was the 2012: Bronies vs. Anti-Bronies update, which saw the long awaited "Flame War" spell being released in-game.

[1] - opportunity* learn to spell fool