Ancient Noob

A person a who acts like a fool

Less Ancient Noob


Modern 3.0 Noob

The Habitat of a NoobEdit

Usually in their free model infested places adding more free models while still saying they don't. When not in their places they're usually at other noobs places defending them saying "0Mg NUBZ M7 FR13ND D03$N'7 U$3 F433 M0D31Z!" The ODer specimen is usually at SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX's 0 Star Resort.

Types of noobsEdit

The Normal NoobEdit

A noob who acts as the noob who uses free models as noted before

The ODing NoobEdit

A type of noob who Mates frequently at Resorts/Cafes if you see one report them IMMEDIATELY DON'T TAKE TIME TO STAND THERE REPORT LIKE HELL!

The Troll NoobEdit

Usual on the forums, OT and RT. Flames you and/or uses bad grammar at the same time.


The Noob of the future...

These type of noobs are usually alts. These are banned quickly, thanks to MSE6

The Online Dating,Free Model Using,Noobish and Trollish Group Leader NoobEdit

A very rare specimen There are only two known to man and they are SONICTHEHEDGEHOGXX,and SHADOWTHEHEDGEHOGXX if seen they should be flamed baited reported and possibly maimed

What to do when confronted by a noobEdit

Refrain from taking their troll bait it will lead to flames if baited Ignore them if confronted by the ODer specimen There should be a button above the Camera Angle button that says "Report" mpress that and report them for asking for a date

  • Take note that the roblox mods fail and that person most likley will not be banned